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        I believe that each of us carries a light within and that we can do magic when we light each other's paths.

        WORK WITH ME

        I am happy to share my passion with you so feel free to reach out if you would like to commission my work or discuss other possibilities of collaboration. 

        As a journalist and a self-taught watercolour artist, I find my creative flow in storytelling and painting. Uncovering my path was and still is a rewarding creative journey that had me grow in curiosity and skill. Sharing my work lead to several meaningful collaborations which encouraged me to offer my services.


        The mission of my art is to cultivate a sense of ease and wonder. Motives I usually explore are florals, botanicals, landscapes, and seascapes, or when feeling particularly moved, soft and dreamy abstracts. If my work speaks to your heart, and you have something particular in mind, I would welcome the opportunity to bring your vision to life.


        If you are a creative ready to put your work in the spotlight, or a brand looking to communicate your story with intention and impact, I˙ve got your secret ingredient. It is about cultivating an authentic voice to attract your ideal client and creating a genuine bond that will add value to your offer. I am here to create copy that will bring your story to life, spark connection and encourage sales.

        Contact me to schedule a free call and discuss our direction.