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        Welcome to the Salty Nest website! Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o. is the owner of this website and online store. Please read carefully all the stated conditions on the use of our pages. The website www.saltynest.com can be used for your private use in order to obtain information on various topics as well as individual products and services. By using the www.saltynest.com website and online store, you accept the terms of use below and confirm that you have fully read and understood them. The online store service is a service that allows users to purchase Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o. goods through these websites. If for any reason you do not agree with any of the conditions, please do not use this website and web store. If users do not accept the conditions and rules below, www.saltynest.com has the right to ask them to stop using this website and web store. By using the content of this website, the user agrees to use the content exclusively for personal use and at his own risk, and accepts all the risks that may arise from using the website. Information, documents and data published on this website may not be reproduced, distributed or used in any way for commercial purposes without the express consent of Polodno Tlo j.d.o.o. and its owner Tanja Giovanelli. The information, documents and data published on this website can only be used for the individual needs of the user while respecting all copyrights.

        www.saltynest.com reserves the right to change the content of this website without notice.

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        All products on this website are manufactured in Croatia. Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o. offers products that can be purchased immediately and ordered later. Tanja Giovanelli offers services for which appointments can be made separately. The products in the photos may look different due to the brightness of the screen of the device being used. The customer familiarizes himself with the main features of the product on the website.

        www.saltynest.com Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o. and Tanja Giovanelli reserve the right to change information, including product prices and promotional offers on the site without prior notice. Along with the product image, there is a description of the product’s main features and its price including VAT. Prices, terms of payment and promotional offers are valid only at the time of order and/or payment.



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        The terms of purchase define the procedures for ordering, paying, delivering and complaining about products on the www.andreaanicdokmanovic.com website. Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o. and Tanja Giovanelli are the Supplier (seller) of the products and services offered on these pages, and the Customer is a natural or legal person of legal age who orders and pays for at least one product.



        Ordering is possible every day 0-24 hours, seven days a week. The product or service is ordered by placing it in the shopping cart. After the order, the customer receives an order confirmation by e-mail and makes a payment to Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o. account. In this way, the Customer accepts the terms of use and a sales contract is concluded between the Customer and Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o. By ordering, the Customer accepts the prices and description of the offered products.



        Payment to the account – after your order, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the information for your payment. You can make the payment via internet banking or via a general payment slip (bank, post office, Fina)

        The product will be delivered after a visible payment on the invoice, and the service will be provided as agreed with the Customer.



        We send all products via Croatian Post, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.



        Croatia: €6 shipping by Croatian Post for domestic orders, and €20 for international orders. Delivery time in Croatia 3-5 working days after payment, delivery to islands may take longer. The delivery time depends exclusively on the delivery services.

        European Union €20 / 10-15 working days.

        Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o. does not take responsibility for any delays that may occur in the delivery process such as weather conditions, international issues or any other issues that are not related to Plodno Tlo j.d.o.o.



        The customer can exchange or return the product within 14 days of delivery at his own expense, commissinoned work excluded.  Products purchased on sale cannot be returned or exchanged. Replacement or return of the product can only be done once and only if the product is not damaged. Product exchange is possible only if another product is available.

        For all complaints, contact tanja@saltynest.com.