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        Category: Mindful Creativity

        June 28, 2023

        Creativity boost from the LPC photography retreat; four(plus) reasons why you should gather around your passion

        If you ever feel like treating yourself to something extra special, I hope you will consider joining one of the upcoming Lifestyle Portfolio Class retreats. Words can hardly describe the good this two...
        an outdoor studio scene for painting and sketching. Setting the wellnes vibe for ceative expression. February 24, 2023

        About treasures found on my watercolour journey and intentions set along the way

        Though I've always felt an itch for creative expression, I only began nurturing a mindfully creative approach to everyday life after my burnout in 2019. I was working as an editor for a lifestyle sect...
        April 1, 2022

        The path of the heart- a possibility talk with Stephanie Ryan, a holistic watercolour artist and teacher

        I am beyond honoured to share this, last of the Path of the heart interviews with you. It should come as no surprise to you that I see Stephanie Rayan as a role model, for I have shared her work many...
        October 9, 2021

        ˝ Reclaiming well-being ˝ mental health talks; creative pursuit with Gaelle Jolly (8/10)

        On my journey of reclaiming well-being creativity played a major roll. One of the women who unknwoingly held their light on that path is Gaelle Jollly, whose reflecions on how creativity helped her r...
        June 1, 2020

        Six mindful ways to
        nurture your creativity

        If you are looking to be inspired you´ll have to recognize when creativity comes calling and give her what she˙s after. Like in any relationship – it˙s attention.