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        OVERCOMING PANIC AND AGORAPHOBIA, a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques by Derrick Silove and Vijaya Manicavasagar

        Just around the time my panic attacks started my husband met a therapist from the UK through his work, and told her about what I was going through. This is the book she told him I should read and I will be forever in her debt for that advice. If you want to get your life back – start here.

        I can not praise this book enough. It saved my life. Or so I perceived it. But since I was in no real danger of losing my life, contrary to my belief at that time, the above statement is a bit exaggerated, but I˙ll leave it be. To me, it is worth as much.

        About four years ago, when I first found myself paralyzed by anxiety and panic disorder, my husband met an English therapist through his work and told her about what I was going through. She was kind enough to recommend this book, emphasizing how they proscribe this and such books for therapy in the UK. Lucky English, I guess.

        Anyway, if you are only just learning your way around anxiety, panic attack and agoraphobia (it is fear of public, particularly crowded places, often caused by anxiety disorder), you most likely have a hundred questions and this book will answer nearly all of them.

        Take it from others

        It is written by a clinical psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist, rich with their experience, and presented in an understandable and relatable manner. It features numerous people’s experiences to illustrate all dimensions of how these conditions affect their lives and how the coping techniques suggested can help. I found that particular side of it very reassuring, as I learned I was not the only one going through the ordeal, nor did I have it worst.

        The first part of the book is about understanding anxiety, panic and agoraphobia, and related disorders. It gives a clear overview of the symptoms, the mechanisms and dynamics in which they occur, and the side effects of these conditions. Kinda gets the vale of possible death away from it –which was huge for me, as I am very talented in making my problems seem bigger then they are.

        Coping techniques introduced are simple and easy to apply, designed to help you overcome, build resilience, and get your life back.

        Bared down to the necessary

        The second part introduces six cognitive-behavioral techniques designed to help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks, build resilience, and get your life back. And they will do just that. They are no mumbo jumbo, nor miracle medicines, nor, I dare to say a big mystery. Just the basic, simple things you would likey do with time on your own, but reading them all in one place is a significant short cut and gives them that necessary credibility to engage your attention. 

        It is no fancy, trendy lifestyle book, offers no beauty in the covers or pages, nothing to distract you from the facts. It is an irreplaceable manual for self-help, a must-have for anyone trying to cope with anxiety. If you are looking for a way to overcome, may reading it be your next step.


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