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        Seasonal Nurture Cards

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        • Size approx. A5 format
        • Content: 13 cards

        I designed these tiny tokens of beauty and courage with a sacred task to help us shape our beliefs, so they would support our efforts to live fully and mindfully. They are here to remind us to honor the bountiful gifts we are invited to share. Because change unfolds in the unnoticeable details. It emerges from the simple shifts in our everyday life; in choosing to be kinder, gentler, to have faith and to listen to our inner voice. But for it to whisper love and lead to growth we must cultivate and cherish our inner landscape, and our innate wisdom.

        This seasonal set of nurture cards contains 13 approximately A5 size prints, featuring original watercolor art, which brought to life my first collection aptly named Becoming. Each card holds a message of self-appreciation and encouragement, a mindful affirmation aiming to nurture our creative nature and sense of self-power.

        How to use these cards

        When I first made one, I placed it on my blooming board, alongside other precious reminders and tokens of inspiration chosen to support my well-being and efforts to do good. And as it took root, different possibilities for the implementations of these cards became clear to me and so this story unraveled. The idea is to focus on a different card of every week of the season, as I hope to create more in seasons to come, but should you find that a certain message speaks strongly to you, even with discomfort, I advise you to stick with that one until the shift becomes obvious, and use others as you feel fit.

        If you are in the mood to create a blooming board (you can read about some suggestions I share on that topic here), and have your cards speak to you from that place of focused energy, I encourage you to do so. But, if you are not into it, they can just as easily find the way to your heart if casually taped on the wall above your desk, or placed on the fridge. Even if you leave them lying on the coffee table, they will do their work. Your eyes will run across them several times a day and their message will be noted in your subconscious. It will challenge your default settings in the background of your experience, and eventually invite you to stretch and heal.


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        1. Jela Ravnjak

          Beautiful everyday reminder, deep inspirational quotes that I love.

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