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        March 16, 2022

        The path of the heart- a possibility talk with Una Pašić Gergović, a doula, childbirth educator, and a postpartum, breastfeeding and nutrition counsellor

        Although I came across Una Pašić Gregović (@una.bridged) long after both my pregnancies and postpartum were behind me, which made her content seem unrelatable, there was something about her energy th...
        February 21, 2022

        The path of the heart – a possibility talk with Marina Ćosić, a photographer, creative business owner and educator

        Having found Marina (@marina.cosic) on Instagram a few years back was a clear sign that my efforts toward living a more fulfilled, authentic life were supported by the Universe. With her by my side,...
        February 15, 2022

        The path of the heart -a possibility talk with Hadas Knox; an ancient roots mama and an aspiring novelist

        The reasons I choose to ask Hadas Knox (@hadas.knox) to share her story are so many that I would certainly leave some behind if I tried to name them all. She is an inspiration of mine since I came ac...
        January 28, 2022

        The Path of the heart; an introduction to a collection of interviews which celebrate possibilities, choice, faith and passion

        The idea of a new series of talks occurred to me with the first days of winter as I realized that with it comes an invitation for introspection, time to reflect and a chance to sow new seed. In this ...