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        June 28, 2023

        Creativity boost from the LPC photography retreat; four(plus) reasons why you should gather around your passion

        If you ever feel like treating yourself to something extra special, I hope you will consider joining one of the upcoming Lifestyle Portfolio Class retreats. Words can hardly describe the good this two...
        April 1, 2022

        The path of the heart- a possibility talk with Stephanie Ryan, a holistic watercolour artist and teacher

        I am beyond honoured to share this, last of the Path of the heart interviews with you. It should come as no surprise to you that I see Stephanie Rayan as a role model, for I have shared her work many...
        February 15, 2022

        The path of the heart -a possibility talk with Hadas Knox; an ancient roots mama and an aspiring novelist

        The reasons I choose to ask Hadas Knox (@hadas.knox) to share her story are so many that I would certainly leave some behind if I tried to name them all. She is an inspiration of mine since I came ac...
        January 28, 2022

        The Path of the heart; an introduction to a collection of interviews which celebrate possibilities, choice, faith and passion

        The idea of a new series of talks occurred to me with the first days of winter as I realized that with it comes an invitation for introspection, time to reflect and a chance to sow new seed. In this ...