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        October 10, 2021

        ˝ Reclaiming well-being ˝ mental health talks; self-healing with Indira Juratek (9/10)

        When it comes to self-healing much of the work we can do relies on our mindset, which if not addressed intentionally can be just the thing holding us back. But, as Indira Juratek shares in her story ...
        October 2, 2021

        ˝ Reclaiming well-being ˝ mental health talks; Journaling for self-care with Nicole Annette (2/10)

        The first guest on this series of mental health talks is Nicole Anette, a passionate writer, coach, teacher, journal maker, and podcast host of The Journal Coaching podcast. My go-to resource on the ...
        October 1, 2021

        Introduction to ˝ Reclaiming well-being ˝ mental health talks; Overcoming the stigma (1/10)

        In the days leading to Mental health day I am honored to welcome intimate fragments of stories on healing and becoming shared by passionate women in an attempt to inspire, motivate, and when possible...
        June 1, 2020

        From freefalling
        to chasing rainbows

        This is a story about fear and how it changed me for the better. By making me weak it made me grow stronger, dig deeper, and search my soul for purpose.