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        November 3, 2021

        Having faith in life -as a matter of love

        ˝ Hope is not the same as expectation. You can plan for and invite a particular future, but you cannot determine or control it. Visualize what you want, but then let it go. Release your attachment to...
        October 1, 2021

        Introduction to ˝ Reclaiming well-being ˝ mental health talks; Overcoming the stigma (1/10)

        In the days leading to Mental health day I am honored to welcome intimate fragments of stories on healing and becoming shared by passionate women in an attempt to inspire, motivate, and when possible...
        October 9, 2020

        A love letter to early mornings

        If you are considering the possibility of waking up earlier, I share this is hoping to inspire you. I truly believe you would benefit from it, so instead of focusing on -how to, I give you -why to, an intimate view into those blissful moments of pure being.
        June 1, 2020

        From freefalling
        to chasing rainbows

        This is a story about fear and how it changed me for the better. By making me weak it made me grow stronger, dig deeper, and search my soul for purpose.