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        If you are considering the possibility of waking up earlier, I share this is hoping to inspire you. I truly believe you would benefit from it, so instead of focusing on -how to, I give you -why to, an intimate view into those blissful moments of pure being.

        Leaning against the cold fence, I snuggle my sweater and watch the dark of the dawn fade. Though the sun is barely rising, not yet showing face behind the mountains, I mirror the remaining flowers in neighbor’s garden, my devoted companions in stillness, facing east with relish.

        Pushing my lungs towards the treetops, near enough to run my fingers through I feast on the rich pine-scented air heavy with dreams, giving thanks to the forest. Breathing in the energy of creation – breathing out what I no longer need, in with gratitude – out with craving, inhaling love, exhaling fear. My chest expands as my body and soul feed on this, mother’s milk. My thoughts wrapped around this blissful moment.

        The background stirring of a quiet September morning gets louder as I sink deeper. Though there are no sounds or movement on the street, all is busy with life. Bees are racing, birds singing, squirrels running up and down the trees, ants already on the lookout. I salute and thank them for cocreating the beauty we’re held in, nurturing connection with the source.

        I give thanks for a new day, for being invited to live my purpose, for love, lessons and opportunities. For insights and faith.

        The light washes me, filling every inch beneath my skin, and I can feel I am one with ants, and trees, mountains, and the see, with the stars disappearing in the fleeting darkness and the rising sun. And I bathe in that well. I give thanks for a new day, for my loved ones, for being invited to live my purpose, for my health and that of my family. For love, lessons and opportunities. For insights and faith.

        I am enough, what I am doing is valuable, my dedication is unshakable- I repeat in a whisper, and the echo carries it on. I set intentions for the day saluting the sun, as I stretch my body to make room for life.

        Showered I grab a blanket and curl up on a sofa guarded by the army of muted greens, turning brighter by a minute, and I sip my tea as I read and journal. The sweet smell of coffee rises from the street as the movement becomes more of a rule than an exception, and soon I hear little feet stomping across the living room.

        I am ready.


        It’s such a beautiful feeling to come up with a routine, practice, or habits that take us where we want to be. Just knowing that others have similar approach to life makes us more grounded in what we choose to do in our own life. We are in this together indeed x lots of love

        Thank you for your kind reply, Jelena. And your words ring so true. Finding recognition and encouragement in like-minded people makes us more inclined to pursue our goals and stay true our pursuit. Your contribution here is much appreciated 🙂 Sending love, xo

        Thank you for bringing me into your morning magic, I could feel and smell the surronding and thank you for that perspective. It’s inspiring and just lovely. ❤️

        Thank you for the love, Kath dear. I am happy you felt it, that˙s what I hoped for. As our actions derive from feelings, this was the best chance to get that seed planted 🙂

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