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        ˝ Hope is not the same as expectation. You can plan for and invite a particular future, but you cannot determine or control it. Visualize what you want, but then let it go. Release your attachment to the timeline, and then come back to being present in your life right now.˝

        A message conveyed in these words by Beth Kempton from her ˝Wabi sabi˝ book ( which is taking me too long to finish) is finding her way towards me seemingly from behind every corner lately. If that isn’t Univers supporting me I don’t know what is. The other day I went to see my therapist and she offered the same advice. I went in talking about my recent experience and my plans for the future, but have failed to reflect on the here and now. A trap I thought I outgrew…

        I have come to think that having a dream to follow is what separates those who find meaning from those lacking a purpose. For it is my experience that fulfilment is not necessarily a matter of living your dream, as much as it is knowing the nature of your heart and allowing it to guide you. And those among you who are familiar with your own inner emblems (which I feel is a majority in this little circle of trust, with the rest willing to pursue their path blindly until the reason reveals itself) will likely recognize the ease that comes with the decision to walk your path, no matter the challenges. The determination to persist no matter the setbacks, delays, or obstacles.

        Yet, even with the clearest vision, which itself can be considered a prize, we can sometimes give into eagerness or plain fear. We can lose sight, and feel like we are falling behind, or missing a direction. We might push too hard when we feel like time is scarce. And at times it can get so overwhelming that we forget where we were going and start doubting our reasons. Yet it is in that space of doubt, grip, and tension that we are left with a single choice of overcoming. The choice of faith. In life, in the Univers, in God, if you, like me find that it is in Him where our choices are best made.

        The likelihood of possibilities

        The possibility of our path unravelling as we dream is as likely to happen as any other less appealing scenario: for what if everything turns out just fine? Great even? And while letting go and releasing attachment may sound challenging, or even frightening; for who else will take care of things if not us, and when if not now? It also demands that we trust the good in life, in ourselves, and in others. To feel deserving of good things happening to us. And that begins by acknowledging the love that IS, which I believe to be the basis of what we may build on.

        It is love that we breathe in with every breath. The Divine love of Creation. Love that lives in our bones, under our skin, in a soul which is determined to find the way to bloom, no matter what. For that is how we are wired, our core is driven by love and lives on it even when we feel there is none. Our love of life goes beyond our comprehension. The impulses of the same spark simply gravitate to each other beyond our comprehension, and where they meet hope is born. And we gather. And if we accept this truth about us and find a way to let that love shine, faith will follow.

        I am writing this note, like any other for that matter, equally for myself, and you, who I consider dear to me, even if we have never met. Bc, we share that same spark, the one that bounds us beyond our recognition. So my intention for the season ahead is that we may rest in hope, with a dream in our heart, and live equally present in every beautiful and painful moment, grateful for the experience. And full of faith about the future.


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